Close up of waves crashing on rocky shore. Freediving location in northern california

Heat Retaining Hoodies Made Specifically for the Environmentally Mindful Freediver

Large waves at sunset at a freediving location in northern California


One of imperfection, realization, and values.

I love dolphins, turtles, fish, rainbows, sunrises and sunsets.  I just don’t want them on my freedive apparel.  I want to experience them.

I am not your typical Freediver.  My workouts were born in the US military's tactical community.  I eat meat, love to explore whiskey, and put my demons to rest in the stillness of the ocean.  I’m not perfect nor am I trying to be.  I’ve accepted my imperfections and have embraced it. 

This is Cali8Fold—a lifestyle born out of the depths of the frigid waters of Northern California. We are focused on the Buddhist Eightfold Path to bring awareness to the now, embedded in protecting the ocean which gives us our spiritual connection. 

I began freediving in earnest after experiencing stillness in an environment other than the refuge of my meditation cushion.  Complete awareness of self within and without.  There’s something very liberating knowing that if you panic in apnea, 30 + feet deep, you’re not coming back.  That cusp is a form of nirvana that many of us have experienced and keep us coming back.

Buddhism is my core, freediving is my expression, the ocean provides the platform--

The Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path have provided a framework for me to understand my cravings, attachments, and liberation efforts.  Acknowledging this has enabled me to become a better father, partner, friend, and human.  Live your truth and join me on the path. Cali8Fold Freedive Apparel.

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