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Book Review: Always Endeavor-A Developmental Guide for Extremis Leaders by Colin Greata.  My friend, author, and US military veteran, Mr. Colin Greata, graciously shared his recent book with me.  His only ask was if received some knowledge from it, share it those who could benefit from its contents.  Here we are.  There is so much good knowledge to unpack within this book.  Despite its’ title, this is more than just a book on leadership for Special Forces.  Colin covers everything from mindset, knowing yourself, techniques for problem solving, growth as person as well as a team, teamwork, nutrition, fitness, sleep, and a topic near and dear to us Freedivers and Spearos; flow state.  Other than Colin’s personal experiences, there are several familiar topics and concepts you might be familiar with….and that’s what makes Always Endeavor Special.  He has gathered the knowledge, concepts, techniques from the world’s greatest leaders and thinkers, and distilled them down to their core.  All while presenting the material in a digestible form. 

From the book:

“…we can see how Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi arrived at his conclusions about what flow is:

Focused concentration on the present moment

A merging of action and awareness at the intersection of optimum arousal and sense of control

A loss of reflective self-consciousness

A sense of personal control of agency over the situation or activity

A distortion of ones’ subjective experience of time (time often seems to slow down)

Receiving an intrinsic reward for engaging in the activity

The sense that you can succeed in achieving the goal of the activity

A complete consumption by the experience, to the point that other needs become negligible"

From Mr. Greata:

“……You can deliberately prime a resourceful mindset through visualization, posturing, and energy management techniques: all of which will help set the stage for attaining flow.”

If any of the statements above resonate with you, I encourage you to give Mr. Colin Greata’s book a read through; you’ll be glad you did.  Check it out, it’s available directly from or on Amazon.

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